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Internship FAQ

The University Relations team answers commonly-asked questions regarding internships, fulltime opportunities, the university relations program, and more!

What type of internships are offered?

Blizzard Entertainment offers a paid 12-week internship program. Internships are available every summer between the months of June and August. We offer internships in every area of game development, including 3D art, animation, programming, design, production, quality assurance, and business support functions.

Who is eligible for an internship? Are international students eligible?

Internships are open to currently enrolled students who are working towards a degree and will be returning to school upon completion of the internship. Students must be eligible to work in the U.S. International students who can procure an F-1 visa and work authorization are welcome to apply.

How and when should I apply for an internship?

Summer internship opportunities are posted each fall (usually in October or November), with an application deadline of January 31st. Please submit your resume, cover letter, and portfolio or project work through our online application system.

Where are the internships located? Do you provide housing for the interns?

At this time, we are only offering internships at our headquarters in Irvine, California. Housing information for non-local students will be provided to candidates in the later stages of the interview process.

Can I apply for more than one internship?

Yes. If you're interested in applying for more than one internship, we recommend that you separately apply for each one through our online application system. Additionally, we highly recommend you tailor your application for each position.

What does Blizzard Entertainment look for in game development interns (design, production, programming, etc.)?

We look for individuals who are, first and foremost, passionate about game development and the industry. We want to see examples of how students have married their educational background and resources with that passion by creating game content. Examples of this could be personal projects, involvement in group projects, participation in the modding community, or any other creative way to demonstrate the ability to produce game content.

What does Blizzard Entertainment look for interns on other development teams (online technologies, cinematics, etc.)?

For interns in other development areas, we're looking for students who are passionate about game development and how their particular field of study contributes to the larger development process. We're looking for students who have been using their educational opportunities and networks to develop creative content related to the focus of the internship they're applying to..

What does Blizzard Entertainment look for interns on business support teams (human resources, business intelligence, licensing, etc.)?

For business operations interns, we're looking for individuals with a strong understanding and passion for the applicable discipline, and the ability to apply it in the fast-paced entertainment industry. We're looking for students with a strong business acumen who have excellent communication and organizational skills.

What level of student do you typically hire into internships?

Most internships are awarded to students who are about a year away from graduation, but we do accept talented freshmen and sophomores into the program from time to time. We look to hire the best and brightest students in their particular area of interest.