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y death...heralds the end of this world. -Loken, fallen lord of the Halls of Lightning

With the upcoming release of The Secrets of Ulduar, the next major content update for World of Warcraft, Ulduar's gates will swing open, allowing heroes of the Horde and the Alliance to venture into the titan Pantheon's ancient halls. In addition to an all-new raid dungeon, this content patch will introduce the dual-talent specialization system, new quest lines, and epic tier-8 armor sets.

To whet your appetite for the adventures to come, the Insider offers this overview of the new features awaiting you. Read on, but be warned: of all of Ulduar's secrets, perhaps the most ominous is that the temple's vaulted walls were built not to keep intruders out, but rather to keep something else contained within. Above all else, Ulduar is a prison restraining an ancient evil.

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s the trumpets sound and the crowds gather, the heroes of the Horde and the Alliance prepare for the glory of battle in Azeroth's Arenas. The crowd is chanting as the gates ascend: It's time to make your stand in the 2009 World of Warcraft Arena Tournament!

Each participant will be able to build a customized level-80 character on the special Tournament realm using his or her choice of gear, talents, and glyphs. Compete for your chance to win more than $200,000 in cash prizes. In addition to the bounty, you will have the chance to earn an in-game armored murloc pet as well as the title of "Vanquisher" for a character on the realm you regularly play on.

Registrations for the tournaments close on March 25th so don’t delay, register for the World of Warcraft 2009 Arena Tournament!

Let the games begin!

he ranks of the Burning Hells swell with the latest addition to the Diablo III bestiary.

The unburied -- a hulking beast of twisted flesh and massive spines -- has recently been spotted several days' ride from Tristram. Bearing the tortured faces of the damned on its decaying body, the creature is known for its otherworldly strength and towering size. Further details on this new horror can be found in the journal of Abd al-Hazir: the apocalyptic work that comprises the Diablo III bestiary.

hough we strike at you from the shadows, do not think that we lack the courage to stand in the light. -Zeratul

The powerful psionic warriors known as the Dark Templar have existed for more than a thousand years, and their legacies and customs are as diverse as the protoss race. The Dark Templar of the Lenassa tribe wield wrist-mounted warp blades and don facial shrouds before battle, while those of the Zer’atai tribe wield scythe-like warp blades and wear patchwork armor crafted from the bones of slain zerg foes.

These two protoss tribes recently went head to head on the StarCraft II community site. The stakes: The version of the Dark Templar that received the most votes from the community would represent the Dark Templar in StarCraft II multiplayer matches.

Players were able to choose between the agile Lenassa, the heavily armored Zer'atai, or a third option which would make either of the tribes appear randomly in multiplayer. The results are in, and it was a landslide -- check out the StarCraft II community site for more details.

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