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Graduating Students FAQ
Graduating Students FAQ

The University Relations team answers commonly-asked questions regarding internships, fulltime opportunities, the university relations program, and more!

Do you have positions specifically targeted for new graduate applicants?

Yes. We strongly recommend new graduates look at and apply to positions posted under 'New Grad Opportunities' on the Blizzard career’s page. In addition, new grads can also apply to any full-time position listed on Blizzard’s career page.

What skills and experience do you look for in new graduate talent?

We look for individuals with a demonstrated passion and aptitude for game development, even if it is not through paid work experience, we look at personal projects, student projects, mod community, and industry involvement. Each job description contains detailed information regarding skills and experience necessary to be considered for the position.

How should I apply?

Available new grad opportunities are posted on Blizzard’s career site. Job descriptions will indicate submission requirements. If you apply to more than one position, we strongly recommend you tailor your application for each position. Please submit your resume, cover letter, and portfolio or project work through the online application system.