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29-Apr-2010 Poll: Could you beat David Kim in a 1v1?

This weeks' StarCraft II poll asks you what could be considered the most important question of all. Could you beat David Kim in a 1v1? Let us know!

26-Apr-2010 New Concept Art Gallery

We're pleased to announce the grand opening of our new Concept Art gallery, highlighting the myriad characters, environments, and other artwork we create during the development of our games. We plan to update this page regularly with a wide variety of never-before-seen pieces of art reaching all the way back to Blizzard's early days, so be sure to check back often!

26-Apr-2010 FigurePrints Busts Now Available

FigurePrints is now offering FigurePrints Busts, the latest in its line of custom character statues. By focusing on the character’s head and shoulders, the busts are able to show greater detail in those areas than the original FigurePrints, and provide an impressive keepsake of your character wearing his or her latest and greatest gear. Busts are available for €59.95, and can be ordered now at the FigurePrints website.

22-Apr-2010 Arena Pass Registration Is Now Open!

We’re pleased to announce that the 2010 Arena Pass service is now open. This service, available to all players with a European World of Warcraft account, will give access to our special Arena Pass realm, designed to give you the perfect platform to prove your competitive abilities.

Players on this realm will have the freedom to equip pre-made level 80 characters with gear of their choosing, including the latest Wrathful Gladiator Season 8 items.

Face enough challengers, and you will receive the exclusive Murkimus bind-on-account pet. The very best Arena teams will contend for the exclusive “Vanquisher” title, bringing great fame to their high-level characters on their home realms.

Sign up on our Arena Pass registration page and get ready for the most exciting Arena matches of your life! For more information on the 2010 Arena Pass service, check out the Terms of Use, FAQ, and Arena Pass forum.

22-Apr-2010 StarCraft II Twitter Exposure Contest Round 2

We are happy to announce the second round of our StarCraft II Twitter Exposure Contest! As we venture into the final week, round one winners will be contacted while entries for round two make their way around the internet. In order to win a StarCraft II Beta Key, all you need to do is to dig around for a cool or interesting StarCraft II news or blog post, and tweet about it. For more information, please visit our StarCraft II Twitter Exposure Contest page here!

15-Apr-2010 New Choices in the Pet Store

The Blizzard Pet Store has just been updated with a couple of fun new choices that you can get for your characters. Continuing in the theme of cute, miniaturized bosses, we have Lil' XT, and the Celestial Steed is the first-ever mount to be available through the service. Of course, the Pandaren Monk, Lil' K.T., and the Wind Rider Cub and Gryphon Hatchling plushies are still available there as well. Head over to the Pet Store to see what's available, or check the FAQ for more information.

15-Apr-2010 Starcraft II Twitter Exposure Beta-key Contest

We are happy to announce our latest StarCraft II contest for those of you who engage in the ever so popular Twitterverse! All you need to do in order to win a StarCraft II Beta Key is to dig around the net for a cool StarCraft II news or blog post and tweet about it. Not only will you be spreading the word of StarCraft II everywhere, but you could get your hands on your very own Beta key. For more information on how to win, visit our StarCraft II Twitter Exposure Contest page!

09-Apr-2010 StarCraft II Collector's Edition Announced

As you know, the beta test for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is well underway -- as are our launch preparations. We’re pleased to reveal today that we’re putting together what will be our biggest, most feature-packed collector’s edition to date. The StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Collector’s Edition will contain…well…it’s too much to list here, so check out the press release for yourself and take a look at the special Collector’s Edition page we put together for this announcement.

09-Apr-2010 Your Chance to Get n00bz!

Now’s your chance to get hold of the Blizzard n00bz! These lovely creations were previously only available during BlizzCon 2009, but the Blizzard Store is bringing back the n00bz for a limited time only.

Don’t forget to visit the Blizzard Store to check out other awesome action figures and digital pets or to get your own Authenticator security device for total peace-of-mind. Want to improve your real life gear score? Check out our apparel line-up! Need some adventurous reading? Then come explore the Blizzard universes through our immersive books.

See you at the Blizzard Store!