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18-Jan-2011 Intel Extreme Masters European Championship
Twelve top-tier European StarCraft II players will be attending the Intel Extreme Masters European Championship Finals event in Kiev, Ukraine this weekend. These fierce warriors have already fought their way through the preliminary group stage, rising to the top of their groups with their superior strategies and prowess - now, can they make it to the World Championship?

The players who have qualified for the European Championship will compete at the CyberSport Arena from January 20-23 in a fight for dominance over Europe, $18,000 in prize money, and the chance to advance to the World Championship which takes place in the coming months.

The tournament will be shoutcasted live by Kevin "RotterdaM" van der Kooi on ESL TV.

For more information, including a list of players and times that matches will air live on ESL TV, check out the event website here:

In addition we'll have dedicated computers set up with StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm for you to play, so be sure to join us there. Members of Blizzard’s community team will be present and happy to meet you.

We look forward to seeing you in Kiev or on the stream!
18-Jan-2011 World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Peripherals Now Available
Prepare yourself for the Cataclysm with the new line of World of Warcraft® gaming gear from SteelSeries. The World of Warcraft®: Cataclysm MMO Gaming Mouse, SteelSeries Shift: Cataclysm Gaming Keyboard, SteelSeries Shift Keyset: Cataclysm and three SteelSeries QcK Mouse Pads -- Worgen, Goblin, and Deathwing Editions, are now available for sale at GAME. For more information, please visit
18-Jan-2011 New Raynor Authenticator Design
We've just unveiled a new StarCraft II design for the Authenticator. Armed with more rebel attitude, the Raynor Edition Authenticator is now available on the Blizzard Store. You'll keep your account safe in style and be the talk of Mar Sara with this account-security device in your arsenal.

Want to know more? Check out the Authenticator FAQ, or visit our account-security page for more tips on keeping your account safe from alien forces. The Koprulu sector is depending on you!
12-Jan-2011 New Fan Art: Kaylin!
Today we feature some of Klo's artwork with a piece entitled: Kaylin! This pint-sized warlock has powerful friends!

We're always looking for new fan art and if you're an artist, you can submit your work to us here. We update the Gallery regularly and encourage you to check regularly to see what new and talented submissions are on display.
10-Jan-2011 Cataclysm One-Month Sales Top 4.7 Million
Thanks to the amazing support of our community of players, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has sold more than 4.7 million copies as of its first month of release, setting a new record for monthly PC-game sales. Don't all stand in the fire at once! Check out the press release for all the details, and thanks again for playing!
05-Jan-2011 New Fan Art: Mage of the Kirin Tor!
Today we feature some of Red's artwork with a piece entitled: Mage of the Kirin Tor! Look on as this powerful mage prepares one of her arcane spells!

We're always looking for new fan art and if you're an artist, you can submit your work to us here. We update the Gallery regularly and encourage you to check regularly to see what new and talented submissions are on display.
04-Jan-2011 New Mobile Armory Features
We've just released a free update for the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory. The noteworthy additions include:
  • Support for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, including new items, goblin and worgen races, and new race/class combinations.
  • An updated look: the Mobile Armory has been reskinned to match the new World of Warcraft community site.
  • Various UI improvements, including enhanced readability and streamlined character switching.
The World of Warcraft Mobile Armory App is available from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at For more information on the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory, visit our Mobile Armory page.

iPhone and iPod touch are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
24-Dec-2010 Happy Holidays!
From everyone at Blizzard to you and yours, have a safe and happy holiday season!

To help celebrate the arrival of Greatfather Winter, we've prepared a special Holiday Card Gallery featuring some festive World of Warcraft, StarCraft II and Diablo III greetings.
24-Dec-2010 Your Contest Winners Await...
You did it! The combined efforts of the Alliance and the Horde have paid off, the final reward on the Your Fortune Awaits page has been unlocked, and the Cataclysm Print Ad and YouTube Commercial Contests have both come to a glorious end!

Thanks to all of the talented artists and members of the community for seizing this opportunity and making these contests such a shattering success! It was tough to choose winners from such an amazing batch of entries, check out our blogpost for more information.
21-Dec-2010 Diablo III Encounters
Cutting through hordes of demons is a cornerstone of the Diablo series, but we’re taking battle to the next level in Diablo III, adding a slew of new creature behaviors to make sure combat is more fast-paced and tactical than ever. Check out our systems page to learn about the savage new attacks that Diablo III’s monsters are bringing to bear -- and how you can survive against them.