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14-May-2010 New Concept Art
Our Concept Art gallery has been updated with two new pieces from the Warcraft universe.
11-May-2010 WoW Magazine #2: Doom Is Near!
The second issue of the World of Warcraft Official Magazine is winging its way to subscribers' mailboxes now. It features a spectacular high-quality, double-foldout cover depicting Deathwing in battle with Alexstrasza.

Inside you'll find a guide to Azeroth's dragons, a look at the lore of the titans, an interview with the development team behind the game's quests, expert advice from top raiding guilds and PvPers, and much more.

For a sneak preview of some of this issue's articles and info on how to subscribe, head over to
07-May-2010 New Concept Art
Our Concept Art gallery has been updated with two new pieces from the Warcraft universe.
06-May-2010 Pre-Order StarCraft II and Get a Beta Key!

We’re pleased to announce that, for a limited time, selected retailers are offering access to the StarCraft II beta for customers who pre-order the full game! Go to our dedicated page to find the latest list of selected pre-order retailers. Please note this offer is valid until May 17th, and is subject to the conditions of the beta and participating retailers.

06-May-2010 Blizzard in Polish!

In keeping with our effort to grow and support our global gaming community, we’re happy to announce that is now available in the Polish language! Visit po polsku. Do diabła, najwyższy czas!*

*Hell, it's about time!

06-May-2010 Connect With Your Friends Using Real ID

We've just released a new preview of our upcoming Real ID feature, a new, optional way to connect with your friends on the revamped When you and a friend agree to become Real ID friends, you'll have access to a number of options designed to enrich your social gaming experience, including cross-game chat, broadcast messages, the ability to keep in contact with your friends without having to keep track of their different characters across realms or across games, and much more. Check out our new Real ID page here.

06-May-2010 Facebook Integration
The action taking place on the battlefield is just one part of the StarCraft II experience -- we're also working to make sure that you can easily connect, communicate, and play with your friends. To help accomplish that, the new version of will offer integration with Facebook. This new functionality will start off by allowing you to quickly import Facebook friends into your friends list, and additional features will be added over time. For more information, check out the official announcement.
03-May-2010 StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty in Stores July 27

The time for galactic warfare is almost at hand. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty will warp into stores throughout the world starting on July 27, and the epic conflict between the protoss, terrans, and zerg will take up right where it left off in StarCraft: Brood War. See the press release for further details, and prepare yourself for battle.

30-Apr-2010 New Concept Art

Our Blizzard Concept Art gallery has been updated with two new pieces from the Warcraft universe.