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09-Jun-2011 BlizzCon Benefit Dinner Tickets Tomorrow

Just a reminder for those interested in attending this year's BlizzCon Benefit Dinner: An additional handful of tickets have become available and are going on sale Thursday, 9 June at 04:00 CEST. Tickets are priced at $500 USD each (price includes BlizzCon admission), and the proceeds will benefit Children's Hospital of Orange County. Quantities will be extremely limited, so keep your eye on the ticket sales page on Thursday morning for a chance to get yours. For more information on the BlizzCon Benefit Dinner, visit the official BlizzCon website at

Click here to go to the BlizzCon Charity Dinner ticket sales page.

09-Jun-2011 BlizzCon Benefit Dinner Tickets Sold Out

The additional handful of tickets to the BlizzCon Benefit Dinner are now sold out. If you purchased tickets to the Benefit Dinner on either sale date, please note that we've extended the deadline to enter or edit Benefit Dinner attendee information by one week to Friday, 17 June (general BlizzCon attendees will still have until 10 June). For more info on how to edit attendee information, check out the

If you weren't able to get tickets to the show this year, keep in mind that coverage of BlizzCon will also be available through the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, which is offered as a multi-channel Internet stream and also via DIRECTV in the United States. Keep an eye on the BlizzCon website for updates on panels, exhibits, events, Virtual Ticket info, and more. We look forward to meeting some of you at the show!

01-Jun-2011 Unveiling StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
Sarah Kerrigan returns with a vengeance in StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, embarking on a quest to regain her powers and make the galaxy fear the zerg once again.

You can now get an early glimpse at the first StarCraft II expansion in our new Heart of the Swarm preview page. Learn more about the key gameplay conceptsg, discover the game's story and major characters, and check out a fistful of brand-new media including screenshots, trailers, and more.

Visit the preview page now!
31-May-2011 Winged Guardian Arrives in Pet Store
A new arrival has just landed in the Blizzard Pet Store: the majestic Winged Guardian flying mount, a titan creation designed to protect Azeroth’s most ancient secrets. As with the Celestial Steed, this Guardian of the Titans will carry you across Azeroth as fast as your riding skill will take you. Head over to the Pet Store to see this new addition and other World of Warcraft companions, and check out the FAQ for more information.
25-May-2011 Diablo III Systems: Runestones
In Diablo III, your characters will wield their various skills to devastating effect. But once you add a runestone to a skill, it’ll transform and become even more powerful. Runestones can alter nearly everything about a skill -- the way it looks, how many enemies it hits, and what happens to those unfortunate enough to be caught in its path.

In our newest systems article, we show off several examples of just how much runestones will change the game for each character class.
21-May-2011 BlizzCon Tickets on Sale Tomorrow
Just in case 21 May isn't circled on your calendar, here's a quick reminder that BlizzCon 2011 tickets will be going on sale Saturday at 19:00 CEST -- keep your eye on the ticket sales page tomorrow for the chance to get yours. If you are unable to purchase tickets tomorrow, a second batch will go on sale Thursday, 26 May at 04:00 CEST. In addition, tickets to an exclusive pre-BlizzCon dinner to benefit Children's Hospital of Orange County will go on sale Saturday, May 28 at 19:00 CEST. For those unable to attend the show, in-depth coverage of BlizzCon will also be available through the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, which is offered as a multi-channel Internet stream and also via DIRECTV in the United States.

BlizzCon 2011 will take place 21 and 22 October at the Anaheim Convention Center, and tickets cost $175 USD each. Tickets to the BlizzCon Benefit Dinner cost $500 USD each and include BlizzCon admission. For further information, check out the official BlizzCon site.

Click here to go to the BlizzCon 2011 ticket sales page.
18-May-2011 Devil’s Due Poster Contest
The newest StarCraft novel, Devil's Due by Christie Golden, continues the story of Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay following the previous novel Heaven's Devils which saw the duo stand against the corruption of the Confederacy and branded as outlaws.

Now we ask you to put your pen to paper, brush to canvas, or stylus to tablet, and dream up what a wanted poster would look like for these two antiheros. Check out our Devil’s Due Poster contest page for more information!
17-May-2011 Introducing the Followers
In Diablo III, going it alone is a valid option... but it's not always the safest one. Fortunately, there are others in Sanctuary willing to risk life and limb to strike out at the nightmares sweeping the land. Head over to our new followers page to meet three such companions: Kormac the Templar, Lyndon the Scoundrel, and Eirena the Enchantress. While you represent Sanctuary’s greatest hope for salvation, it never hurts to have a friend watching your back.
13-May-2011 Intergalactic Special Offer – Save 10€/£10 on StarCraft II

Don’t miss your chance to purchase StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty for yourself or a friend and save 10€/£10! This sale is available to all European account holders directly from Blizzard until May 23. Click here to buy online and discover the fastest-selling real-time strategy game of all time.

10-May-2011 Arena Pass Registration Is Now Open!
Gather your teammates and prepare to fight for fame, fortune and glory in the 2011 World of Warcraft Arena Pass. Registration for the Arena Pass is currently open to all owners of European World of Warcraft accounts upgraded to Cataclysm. By registering for the 2011 Arena Pass, players will be able to create three ready-made level 85 characters of any available race/class combination with access to top-notch armor, weapons, accessories and enhancements. Those who prove themselves in the arena can win a special in-game pet and, for the best of the best, the title "Vanquisher!"