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17-Sep-2012 Mists of Pandaria European Digital Launch Event

In just one week, World of Warcraft players will be able to explore the long-lost continent of Pandaria. If you can’t make it to one of the official launches taking place on the evening of September 24 in Paris, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Cologne and Stockholm, we will be linking events from around Europe and streaming a live show via YouTube.

The Digital Launch Event, scheduled to start at 22:30 Paris time (CEST), will bring all the excitement of the live events from around Europe into your home. Blizzard artists and developers including Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street will be on hand in each city to offer insight into the latest expansion, and the show will also include spectacular entertainment such as a live orchestra playing music from Mists of Pandaria, MANAO – Drums of China and much, much more.

You can catch the free live stream of the Digital Launch Event at and for more information on all launch activities, visit the dedicated minisite.

Join in the celebration and watch the excitement as it unfolds!

11-Sep-2012 Pandaren Monk Pet 50% Off This Week

Save big and prepare for Pandaria with a new sidekick. This week only, you can get the Pandaren Monk companion pet for just 5€ / 4.5£. That’s 50% off the regular price, making this a great time to round out your pet collection before the imminent arrival of the Pet Battle System.

Hurry, this offer ends September 17, 2012.

11-Sep-2012 37% off StarCraft II – This Week Only

This week only, you can get StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty for €24.99 when you download directly from Blizzard. That’s €15 off the regular price. Kick off the StarCraft II World Championship Series Europe Finals this weekend by inviting a friend to join you in StarCraft II multiplayer, where you can both burn a path of destruction across the Koprulu sector.

04-Sep-2012 Mists of Pandaria Launch Events Across Europe

Join us to celebrate the opening of World of Warcraft’s newest lands! On the night of September 24, Blizzard will celebrate the launch of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Seven official launch events will take place in cities across Europe: Paris, London, Moscow, Cologne, Madrid, Milan and Stockholm.

Attendees will have the chance to meet developers, get their game boxes signed, take part in quizzes and competitions and witness the entertainment unfold as the clock counts down to the game going on sale that night.

Check out the dedicated website, which will be updated with more information about activities taking place at each location as we get closer to release!

Remember you can still pre-order World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria on the pre-order page.

29-Aug-2012 Italian Language Pack and Italian Realms Now Available!

After five million words and nearly a year of hard work, we’ve reached our final destination. The wait is over: the Italian version of World of Warcraft is now available!

You can now experience World of Warcraft in a whole new light. The Italian language pack will allow you to enjoy all that Azeroth has to offer – completely in Italian. Experience the intriguing quests, hear the new voices of heroes and villains alike, visit your favorite cities, and much more.

Players are now able to download this free language pack and enjoy the fully localized version of World of Warcraft and all its expansions, including The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, and soon Mists of Pandaria.

New Italian-language realms are also now available: Pozzo dell’Eternità (PvE) and Nemesis (PvP). We’re offering Free Character Migration to these two new realms – see below for more information.

We invite you to enjoy the Italian version of World of Warcraft, and we’ll see you on the new Italian realms!

For more information, check out the following resources for Italian speakers:

21-Aug-2012 gamescom 2012 Comes to a Close

We spent an amazing five days at gamescom this year, and we’d again like to thank everyone who visited us at the Blizzard booth! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

We put on a great show with some incredible activities. Who could forget the world premiere of the stunning World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria opening cinematic? If you missed it, don’t worry – you can watch it online here. Thanks to MANAO – Drums of China for setting the stage for our remarkable cinematic trailer with an impressive drum performance.

Of course gamescom wouldn’t be complete without our famous costume and dance contests. Congratulations to Svetlana Quindt, who took first place in the Blizzard Costume Contest for her handmade barbarian garb from Diablo III. Congratulations also go out to the World of Warcraft Dance Contest winner Sebastian Kothe, who impressed the crowd and the judges with his brave rendition of the Orc dance.

Accolades are also due to the winners of our two Mists of Pandaria leveling contests, Justin Schilling and Mark-Hendrik Moll, who out-raced their competitors by being the fastest to make it to level five in the pandaren starting area.

All of our winners took home some incredible prizes from our partners, including a Schenker XMG P502 PRO Gaming Notebook, SteelSeries gaming gear, and Mega Bloks sets.

In addition to showing their stuff in our contests, our visitors were treated to some inspired entertainment. Blizzard artist Grace Liu was on stage demonstrating her talent during live drawing sessions every day. She amazed our audience with her creations of a witch doctor and the Butcher. We also experienced an amazing eight-piece orchestra play popular songs from World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, and Diablo III.

And of course Blizzard’s presence at gamescom wouldn’t have been complete without some exciting eSports action! We saw some of the best StarCraft II players in the world demonstrate their skills during intense show matches every day. On Thursday: Jang “MC” Min Chul won against Lee “PuMa” Ho Joon; and Kim “SuperNova” Young Jin prevailed over Manuel “Grubby” Schenkhuizen. On Friday: Eugin "Strelok" Oparyshev beat Jared "PiG" Krensel; and Andrew “mOOnGLaDe” Pender came out on top against Tomasz "Tarson" Boron. On Saturday: Aleksey "White-Ra" Krupnyk prevailed over Jérémy "Feast" Vansnick. Finally, on Sunday: it was Kim "SuperNova" Young Jin who prevailed over Pedro "LucifroN" Moreno Duran.

We also saw two of the most well-known European raiding guilds battle elite bosses in live World of Warcraft raids. Members of Method took down the main Cataclysm bosses, followed by an awesome PvP fight, while members of For The Horde raced through Dragon Soul in 25-man Heroic mode.

On Sunday afternoon, we ended this year’s gamescom with the 2012 European World of Warcraft Invitational! We saw the best arena teams in Europe battle it out for a $30,000 USD prize pool and two spots in the Global Finals.

Congratulations to team Yaspresents: Another (Death Knight), Zunniyaki (Priest) and Câra (Paladin) and team I'm just being honest: Swapxy (Shaman), Boetar (Shaman), and Blukstack (Warlock) who’ll be heading to the World Championship in Shanghai, China!

Be sure to check out the daily recaps for the details of all our activities at gamescom this year, and our updated photo gallery for pictures from each day of the event.

We hope to see you next year at gamescom!

21-Aug-2012 Up to 75% OFF World of Warcraft!

Prepare for Pandaria with epic savings! This week only, you can get the World of Warcraft Battle Chest for €5 (£4 GBP), Wrath of the Lich King for €5 (£4 GBP), and Cataclysm for €10 (£8 GBP) when you buy directly from Blizzard. That’s up to 75% off the regular prices, making this a great time to set yourself up for the imminent launch of Mists of Pandaria... or to invite a friend to join you in Azeroth.

Hurry, this offer ends August 27, 2012.

19-Aug-2012 Sunday at gamescom

Today was the final day of gamescom 2012, and we certainly ended the show with a bang! We started off the day with an exciting World of Warcraft Live Raid, when members of the elite German raiding guild For The Horde took on Cataclysm’s most difficult raid instance: Dragon Soul in 25-man Heroic mode.

The players raced through Wyrmrest Temple and into the Maelstrom for an epic battle with Deathwing.

Next up was Blizzard artist Grace Liu, returning to the stage for her final live drawing session. She wowed the crowd by finishing the picture of the Butcher from Diablo III.

We then saw our final StarCraft II show match of gamescom, shoutcasted by HomerJ. Supernova prevailed over Lucifron, in an intense 2:1 battle.

Following the show match, 18 contestants showed us their moves in the much-anticipated World of Warcraft Dance Contest! The enthusiastic crowd cheered as our brave contestants let down their hair to boogie in the unique dancing styles of a variety of World of Warcraft races, including pandaren, worgen, bloodelfs, orcs, humans, trolls, goblins, and tauren. But the one dancer to really impress the judges and take first place was Sebastian Kothe from Germany, demonstrating the Orcish dance. Sebastian walked away with some awesome prizes from our partners, including an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 6 Series graphics card, a Mega Bloks Goblin Zeppelin Ambush set, and some SteelSeries gaming gear.

We finished off the day in true eSports style with the 2012 European World of Warcraft Invitational. We saw eight of the world’s best arena teams fight through intense battles shoutcasted by well-known PvP player Azael, along with Conradical. The tournament was hosted by ESL at the Turtle Entertainment booth, and the grand final was streamed live onto the big screens at the Blizzard stage.

Congratulations go out to the top two teams!
First place: Yaspresents (Another, Zunniyaki, Câra)
Second place: I'm just being honest (Swapxy, Boetar, Blukstack)

They’re headed to represent Europe at the World Championship in Shanghai, China in November!

It’s been an action-packed final day at gamescom, and an amazing week. We’d like to say thanks to everyone who stopped by the Blizzard booth! Take a look at our photo gallery for pictures from the event, and stay tuned for a full recap tomorrow!

18-Aug-2012 gamescom 2012 is in Full Swing!

Loads of visitors have already stopped by our booth in Halle 6.1 (B21) of Cologne’s Koelnmesse since gamescom opened its doors to the public on Thursday, and they certainly haven’t been disappointed! Not only have they garnered some fantastic goodies, but they’ve also been epically entertained in true Blizzard style.

Today was the third public day of the event, the highlight of which had to be the Blizzard Costume Contest. A total of 18 contestants roused the crowd with incredibly creative depictions of their favorite Blizzard characters, including a demon hunter from Diablo III, a nightelf druid, Leah from Diablo III, pandaran monch, Sylvanas Windrunner, a troll mage, a wizard from Diablo III, and a goblin hunter. But Svetlana Quindt from Nuernberg, Germany dressed as a barbarian from Diablo III really impressed our judges, taking first place. She worked on the costume for 1.5 years and has a blog where she shows the progress:
Svetlana went home with some amazing prizes from our partners: an XMG P502 PRO Gaming Notebook by Schenker, a SteelSeries Diablo® III Mouse, a SteelSeries 7G keyboard, a SteelSeries QcK Diablo® III Edition mouse pad, a SteelSeries Diablo® III Headset, and a Mega Bloks Deathwing’s Stormwind Assault set.

You can still participate in our World of Warcraft Dance Contest tomorrow at 14:30, for the chance to win an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 6 Series graphics card, a Mega Bloks Goblin Zeppelin Ambush set, and some SteelSeries gaming gear.

We also saw an intense StarCraft II show match today, shoutcasted by HomerJ. In this close match, White Ra beat Feast. We’ll have another exciting show match tomorrow at 13:00.

To round-out our eSports activities today, we also hosted our first World of Warcraft Live Raid. The crowd watched as members of the international hardcore raiding guild Method battled the main Cataclysm raid bosses, followed by an awesome PvP fight among guild members.

You can check out tomorrow’s live raid at 10:30, as members of the elite German raiding guild For The Horde complete the Dragon Soul raid in 25-man Heroic mode.

In addition to our costume contest and eSports activities, Blizzard artist Grace Liu showed off her talent once more during a live drawing session, where she created a stunning image of the Butcher from Diablo III. If you’ve missed her work, she’ll be back again once last time tomorrow at 12:00.

Grace was also there with fellow Blizzard developers John Lagrave, Ion Hazzikostas, David Kim, and Kaeo Milker for a final signing session at our booth. Just before the signing session, we saw our final Blizzard orchestral performance of gamescom. The crowd was treated to songs from all three of our franchises played by an eight-piece orchestra.

We’d like to thank everyone who’s stopped by our booth so far, but gamescom isn’t over yet! In addition to tomorrow’s activities mentioned above, you won’t want to miss the 2012 European World of Warcraft Invitational, where Europe’s best arena teams will battle it out. If you can’t make it to gamescom in person, you can watch the live stream of the tournament online. Just click on the image below for details.

Visit the activities page for tomorrow’s full lineup, and see some updated pictures in our photo gallery.

We hope to see you tomorrow on the last day of gamescom 2012!

17-Aug-2012 Friday at gamescom

Today was the second public day of gamescom 2012, and our second Mists of Pandaria Leveling Contest. This time it was Mark-Hendrik Moll who was the first to make it through the pandaren starting zone to level five, taking home an awesome Sindragosa and the Lich King set from Mega Bloks.

Rounding out the morning, StarCraft II fans were treated to some pro tips during StarCraft II Academy. German StarCraft II caster Sebastian “HomerJ” Schenck pulled two amateur StarCraft II players from the crowd on stage to coach their game. This definitely gave spectators some insight into the game and some expert advice on how to get an advantage over their opponents.

HomerJ also shoutcasted the StarCraft II show matches, with one immediately following his coaching session. Strelok prevailed after an exciting match with PIG.

In the afternoon, we saw our first Blizzard orchestral performance of gamescom! The crowd was enchanted to hear songs from World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, and Diablo III played by an eight-piece orchestra. If you missed today’s performance, you can see the orchestra again tomorrow at 16:00.

Blizzard developers Grace Liu, John Lagrave, Ion Hazzikostas, David Kim, and Kaeo Milker were signing autographs at the Blizzard booth, and will be back tomorrow at 16:30.

Grace also showed her artistic skills on stage as she created an amazing drawing of a witch doctor during a live drawing session. You can watch her at work again tomorrow and Sunday.

We ended the action-packed day with a second StarCraft II show match between Tarson and Moonglade. In the end Moonglade came out on top after an intense battle.

The fun is far from over! You can check out additional show matches and other activities until the end of the day on Sunday. You won’t want to miss our costume contest tomorrow at 14:30, and it’s not too late to sign up for the dance contest on Sunday! Of course you can still try to win some cool prizes during our quizzes several times daily.

As always, check out our photo gallery for updated pictures and our activities page for a full stage schedule. We hope to see you at the Blizzard booth!