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15-Sep-2010 Join the Ranks of the J!NX War Reporters!
The battle for the fate of the Koprulu sector is in high gear and in order to keep the homefront in for the long haul, we are looking for intrepid reports to send their coverage of events to us for distribution over the air waves. The best photographers will receive one of the brand-new European exclusive J!NX StarCraft II terran marine t-shirts as well as a voucher for future purchases from J!NX! These t-shirts are hot off the presses and are sure to impress any StarCraft II veteran. Be the first on your ship to sport one today!

Each week we will feature a different theme so keep an eye on our Contest Information page to see what this week's theme is. Also, check out the Terms and Conditions for participation.
10-Sep-2010 Blizzard Art Gallery Update
We've added more pieces to our Blizzard Art gallery. Have a look at assorted pieces of stunning artwork that reveal an all-new look at the wonders of the Diablo universe.
09-Sep-2010 StarCraft II Custom Map Contest Ends Soon
We just wanted to remind you that the first ever StarCraft II Custom Map Contest will be drawing to a close on September 11, 2010. If you're hoping for a chance to have your map featured at BlizzCon, win a trip to the convention, and score a cool $5,000 in the process, then put the finishing touches on your map and submit it before the deadline.

Read the contest page to learn more -- don't miss out on your chance for glory!
08-Sep-2010 New Fan Art: Taunt!
Today we feature some of Theodora's artwork with a piece entitled: Taunt! This draenei warrior lets her enemies know the fate awaiting them as she prepares for the attack!

We're always looking for new fan art and if you're an artist, you can submit your work to us here. We update the Gallery regularly and encourage you to check regularly to see what new and talented submissions are on display.
06-Sep-2010 Burn a Trail to the Online Store!
The firesale at the Blizzard Online Store will be ending tomorrow! Hurry on over there to get the hottest deals on BlizzCon n00bs and World of Warcraft calendars before your chances to grab them go up in smoke.
04-Sep-2010 BlizzCon 2010 Costume and Dance Signups Open
Signups are now open for the BlizzCon 2010 Costume and Dance contests! Eligible entrants are invited to strut their stuff live on stage, with the festivities being hosted by our master of ceremonies, comedian Jay Mohr. You have until October 4 to sign up for the live contests, and you must sign up online if you want to participate. With over $25,000 in prizes for our Friday night contests, this is one you don't want to miss.

Speaking of which, submissions for the Fan Art, Original Song, and Movie contests close in less than a month on September 27, so if you haven't entered yet, you'd better get cracking!

If you aren't attending BlizzCon you can still check out these contests, all panels and tournaments, and even receive extra goodies including the "Deathy" World of Warcraft in-game pet by purchasing a BlizzCon 2010 Virtual Ticket.
03-Sep-2010 Blizzard Art Gallery Update
The Blizzard Art gallery has been updated with 2 pieces representing the Diablo universe. These pieces offer an inside look at the creative process behind building this virtual world.
01-Sep-2010 StarCraft II: Over 3 Million Served
Within its first month of release, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty has already gone on to sell more than 3 million copies. We want to thank everyone who's already picked up the game for helping us achieve this incredible milestone and for bringing the thunder to Read the full announcement here.
31-Aug-2010 Sizzling Sales at the Blizzard Online Store Firesale!
Get ready to take advantage of the hot deals on BlizzCon n00bs and World of Warcraft calendars over at the Online Store! From August 31st to September 7th, these items are on sale at a special firesale price. Grab them while they’re still hot!
31-Aug-2010 Diablo III on YouTube
The new official Diablo III channel on YouTube is now live! Check out high-quality streaming versions of our cinematics, gameplay trailers, and in-game movies, including the brand-new caravan preview video. Make sure to come back often, as we will be adding even more video content in the future.