Internship FAQ
Internship FAQ

The European Recruitment team answers commonly-asked questions regarding internships and fulltime opportunities.

What type of internships are offered?

Blizzard Entertainment offers paid internships in Ireland and in France. Internship positions can be opened any time during the year. Duration of internships will be specified for each role advertised. We offer internships in customer support department and business support functions.

Who is eligible for an internship? Are international students eligible?

Internships in France are open to currently enrolled students in a French undergraduate school or university. Students who are registered at a foreign university are not eligible.

Internships in Ireland are available to students who are currently enrolled in a university course relevant to the internship advertised. International students may be eligible for an internship in Ireland if they have the right to work in Ireland or if they can procure work authorization.

How should I apply for an internship?

Please submit your resume/CV and cover letter through our online application system. Cover letters should outline your motivation for an internship at Blizzard Entertainment and any gaming & work experience you might have.

In what language should applications be sent?

Applications will only be accepted in English. If there is a requirement to submit your application in an additional language it will be stated in the internship advertisement. For language related jobs where fluency is required in an additional language to English, it is a good idea to send an application in both languages.

Where are the internships located? Do you provide housing for the interns?

Blizzard Entertainment offers internships in Cork, Ireland and in Versailles, France. Housing or relocation assistance is not provided.

Can I apply for more than one internship?

Yes. If you meet the requirements and are interested in applying for more than one internship, we recommend that you apply separately for each one through our online application system. Additionally, we highly recommend you tailor your application for each position.

What does Blizzard Entertainment look for interns on business support teams (human resources, business intelligence, consumer products, etc.)?

For business operations interns, we're looking for individuals with a strong understanding and passion for the applicable discipline and the ability to apply it in the fast-paced entertainment industry. We're looking for students with strong business acumen who have excellent communication and organizational skills.

Do you offer any internship for Game Development in Europe?

No. All our internships for games development are based in Irvine California; please go to our US University Relations page for details.