Careers FAQ
Careers FAQ
What is the minimum age required to apply?

An applicant must be at least 18 years old.

Does Blizzard offer internships, or work placements?

We can not currently offer any traineeships, internships or work experience positions.

Does Blizzard offer work from home or jobs in other locations?

Telecommuting is not available for any position. All positions are located either in our offices in Versailles just outside of Paris, France or in Cork, Ireland as specified in the job description.

Where are your European offices located?

We currently have offices in Versailles, France (around 25km south of Paris) and in Cork, Ireland. Our office in France will continue to be Blizzard Europe headquarters, and the Cork office houses part of our Customer Service department, with a focus on in-game customer support (Game Masters).

What is the salary?

The salary depends on many factors and will be discussed during the interview.

If I am successful in my application to Blizzard, would there be opportunities to move to other departments at a later date?

While we would prefer that staff stayed in the position that they applied to for a certain period of time, we encourage employees to develop careers within the company, and opportunities for transferring to other areas within Blizzard are advertised internally first to promote this development.

What should an application look like.

It is essential to send a cover letter and a curriculum vitae (CV). Both documents are typically one page long. In some cases a CV can cover two pages. Tips on how to write a cover letter and a curriculum vitae can be found on the internet. We will not process any applications that do not include both of these documents.

In what language should applications be sent?

All applications should be sent in English. For language related jobs where fluency is required in an additional language to English, it is a good idea to send an application in both languages.

Do I get any help with relocating to France/Ireland?

If you are successful in your application to work for Blizzard, you will get full access to a relocation agency that specializes in dealing with people who are moving to France and Ireland for the first time. The relocation agency will deal with everything from showing you around apartments that you can rent and helping you arrange and sign your lease, to setting up bank accounts, telephone lines and filling in paperwork for such things as Social Security and health benefits.

Is it a requirement to speak French in the French office?

Unless specified in the job advertisement, fluency in French is not required. The official language of the French office is English. Speaking French within the office is not required.

What is the average working day for a GM like?

The majority of a GM’s work day consists of responding to tickets from players and assisting them with a variety of issues. GMs also assist newer GMs with learning the job and providing information which is used to improve the quality of their team’s customer service.

How much does education play a role in getting a job as a GM vs. previous customer service skills and a drive to do the job?

Customer service skills are a plus, but we have some fantastic GMs who have never done a classic CS job previously and just have a good head on their shoulders, a great deal of common sense and the desire to learn. We also look into the playing experience of each applicant. We want GMs who not only love the game, but who are also well versed in its content. High-end playing experience is preferred, but we also look at applications with experience in higher mid-range content.