World of Warcraft Screenshot Submission Form
World of Warcraft Screenshot Submission Form
    Welcome to the esteemed home page of the Royal Photographic Society of Azeroth. Our purpose and stated aim is to promote and nurture the art of photography throughout the world of Azeroth. In World of Warcraft, snapping a photograph is as easy as hitting the "Print Screen" key. You may use the form below to submit your screenshots for review and possible use on the web site. The file must be a JPEG and be less than 2 MB in size.

    At this time we're only collecting screenshots from Cataclysm and our current Screenshot Collection Topics. Use the Screenshot Collection Topics (Last Updated 06/01/11) dropdown below on the submission form to check out what we're currently looking for. We also make posts on the news pages for certain topics.

    Check out the galleries we've created already here. Shots submitted for any gallery that has already been posted will only be considered if they're as good as or better than the best shots posted in that gallery. We rely on you to create these awesome galleries, so be sure to send us your very best shots only!

    Inappropriate Screenshot Topics

    Because these screenshots will be posted on our website, they need to be appropriate for a wide audience. Please avoid anything that might be considered offensive, obscene, or otherwise inappropriate, including but not limited to the topics listed below:
    • Sexual content or references
    • Anything disparaging to a group of people in the real world
    • Smoking / drug use
    • Suicide
    • Areas that are off-limits or only accessible by means of an exploit
    • Graphical bugs

    Overused Screenshot Topics

    Screenshots featuring the topics listed below are unlikely to be accepted because we've seen them many times before. Find a fresh approach to make your submission stand out from the crowd.

    Last Updated: 06/01/11

    Wrath of the Lich King

    • You and a bunch of Turkeys or Penguins
    • Black War Bear or Armored Brown Bear Mounts
    • Wyrmrest Temple (everyone sends that in)
    • You and a bunch of tamed Critters
    • Smiley faces or any other designs created with corpses, smoke, etc.
    • Weddings
    • Jokes about obscure TV shows or movies that most people won't get
    • Characters laying with each other in beds
    • Characters sitting in a catapult
    • Characters sitting/swimming in a pool or taking a bath
    • Characters sitting on any throne
    • Characters in front of the moon/sunset
    • Characters inside of the mouth of a monster
    • Characters standing on the bow of a boat, "Titanic"-style
    • Animals or critters polymorphed into sheep
    • Characters lying down in coffins
    • Dead characters overlapping each other as the main subject
    The Burning Crusade
    • The Dark Portal
    • Characters standing in the green transporter in Hellfire Citadel
    • Any of the Naaru, particularly A'dal in the middle of Shattrath City
    • Characters running away from or dying to Fel Reavers

    Screenshot Tips

    Please read before submitting!

    • Use the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard to take a screenshot in-game. Your screenshot will appear in your World of Warcraft directory in the /Screenshots/ subdirectory.
    • Make sure your interface and any chat box text is turned off via hitting Alt+Z
    • Make sure the screenshot is at least in 800x600 resolution or higher. The ideal format is 1024x768. Higher resolution screenshots are requested for Wrath of the Lich King screenshots. Screenshots should not be low-quality or low resolution.
    • Do not modify the screenshot beyond saving it. If you save the screenshot, save it at medium quality 50 or greater.
    • When taking most screenshots of large groups (except in PvP), for clarity, turn off player names. To do this, open up the "Interface Options" and turn off player names. Look through previously posted screenshots for an idea when to use player names.
    • Try turning up your graphics settings before taking the screenshot. Increase your resolution and maximize the detail settings to assure that your shot is the best it can be! Even if your computer cannot support continuous play at these settings, you can always revert to your previous settings after you take your shot.
    • Go into first person mode to get a better angle for your screenshot. A screenshot from the default third person camera angle can be okay, but try going into first person mode to find a more interesting angle for your shot.
    • Choose your best shots and submit those!
    • Make sure there is no profanity or otherwise questionable chat content onscreen before taking your shot. Screenshots that contain any questionable chat content will not be selected for display.
    • Try to be original. Capture something that most people haven't seen. That's the shots that typically make it are those that cause us to pause and say what's going on there?
    • Make sure you describe what is going on. The caption is not used but it helps us understand what is going on in the screenshot if it's not clear. If you're including a dungeon screenshot, make sure you select the correct subject for the dungeon or explain which dungeon you're in the caption.