Blizzard Fan Art Calendar Contest Winners
Blizzard Fan Art Calendar Contest Winners

'Tis the season to announce the winners of our first Holiday Fan Art Calendar Contest!

After receiving many creative and inspired submissions from around the world, we've chosen the very best of the best works of art that captured the spirit of Azeroth's various and sundry seasonal events. Congrats to our grand-prize winner, Sumeet Lall, and to our eleven runners-up. Sumeet will receive a Wacom Cintiq 12WX pen input tablet, and all of the winners' artwork will be featured in the 2011 World of Warcraft Daily Calendar.


"Hallow's Eve"
Sumeet Lall - Leicester, United Kingdom

"The Headless (Sore Loser) Horseman has lost another pumpkin carving contest and, with the help of some funky graveyard magic, is raising minions to carry out his revenge..."

Honorable Mention

"Hallow's End"
Chiara - Sunny Isles, Florida

"Lunar Festival"
Kelly Aarons - Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

"My two comic characters, Cadistra and Kissless, getting an 'Omen-ious' feeling during the Lunar Festival."

"Pirate's Day"
Alice Columbia - Brooklyn, NY

"Duke Falrevere of the Bloodsail Buccaneers and Dread Captain DeMeza's crew join forces to make every day in Booty Bay Pirate's Day."

"Midsummer Fire Festival"
Rob Carlos - Auburn, WA

"Horde characters dancing during the Fire Festival"

"Midsummer Fire Festival"
Christina Marie Yen - Rancho Palos Verdes, California

"Ragnaros exalts the festivities with a barbequed Gigantic Feast! Battle rouge elemental spirits blazon in a energizing dance upon his sizzling grill. Toasting Fresh Smorc's upon Ragnaros fire are welcome, but keep safe distance to reduce chance of taking burn damage. Ahune tries to steal the spotlight to this occasion! He commemorates by bringing his grand Ice Chest full of alluring frosty loots, which are generously Ice Stone cold. Frozen drinks of the Lord of Frost's Private Label are available until limited time, or until the Ice Stone has melted. Flame and Frost decorate the atmosphere as visitors enjoy the various festivities on the beach, from fire walking, torch throwing, blazing pole break-dancing, to huge snowball tossing, fiery horseshoe tossing, and flaming kite flying! Festive clothing, foods, toys, and Scorched stones are available for purchase with Burning Blossoms as well. "

Dubuis Marianne - Ixelles, Belgium

Dwarfs don't like bath? Of course they like it!
"Hallow's Eve"
Samuel Deats - Austin, TX

"Hallow's End"
moolcup - South Korea

"The Day of the Dead"
Francisco Javier Mendez Escobar - Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico

"Lady in the lake"
Wang, Tsai-Pin

Chiu, Fan-Yun